State Farm, State Farm, Va.

Convict Quarters January 1912
Church July 1914


St. Paul Normal and Industrial Institution, Lawrenceville, Va.

Girls Dormitory October 1928


Virginia Association Works for the Blind, Charlottesville, Va.

Workshop February 1930


Bon Air Learning Center, Bon Air, Va.

Virginia Cottage August 1912
Fisher Cottage February 1913


Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind, Staunton, Va.

Primary Building, Byrd Hall March 1928


Beaumont Learning Center, Maidens, Va.

Dormitory No. 1 May 1925
Dormitory No. 2 May 1926
Dormitory No. 3 September 1929
Dormitory No. 4 July 1930
Dining Hall Building April 1928


Richmond Buildings

American National Bank (400 N. 25th) July 1922
Consumers Ice Company (Harrison near Broad) April 1911
Barton Heights Sunday School (2704 Garland) May 1921
City Home Operating Room August 1910
Country Club of Virginia West Addition September 1912
Christian Funeral Home (Park Ave. & Boulevard) June 1920
American National Bank (1201 E. Clay) July 1922
Centenary M.E. Sunday School (409 E. Grace) November 1929
Dunlop Flour Mills Alterations (19th and Dock) May 1931
First English Evangelical Lutheran Church September 1909
Fairmount Presbyterian Church (2300 Fairmount Ave.) January 1911
Ginter Park M.E. Sunday School September 1920
L.H. Jenkins Warehouse (2201 West Broad) January 1922
Leigh Street Baptist Church (N. 25th and Leigh) May 1929
Miller & Rhoads (3 stores) (Broad and 5th) October 1913
The Mosque November 1925
Northside Baptist Church October 1907
Presbyterian Committee of Publication Building (6-8 N. 6th) January 1914
Presbyterian Colored Mission School May 1915
Professional Building (501 E. Franklin) September 1916
R.J. Reynolds Warehouse (300 S. 12th) August 1910
Reugers Hotel (9th and Bank) May 1912
Richardson Warehouse (601-603 W. Main) October 1919
R.P.I. Studio and Laboratory Building (827 W. Franklin) May 1928
Times Dispatch Building (6th and S. 10th) 1924
Universal Motor Company October 1916
Venable Street Baptist Church (2201 Venable) July 1910
Richomnd ArtMart (1241 W. Broad) (no date available)


Williamsburg, Virginia Buildings

Williamsburg M.E. Church September 1925
Williamsburg M.E. Church Parsonage July 1929
Luttrell Store August 1926
Brown Hall (Methodist Women) March 1930
Masonic Lodge #6 May 1931
Lee Hall Garage February 1932


Harrisonburg, Viginia Buildings

Harrisonburg M.E. Church January 1911
Miller Apartments June 1924
Shenandoah Apartments April 1922
New Strand Theater September 1928


Newport News, Virginia Buildings

Department Store Building (2301 Jefferson Ave.) May 1914
First Presbyterian Church January 1927
Public Library January 1929
Medical Arts Building September 1928
Orcutt Avenue Baptist Church October 1928
Sears & Roebuck Store February 1929
Trinity M.E. Church September 1930


Hampton and Elizabeth City Buildings

Chas. H. Taylor Memorial Library June 1924
R. Hayden Smith Funeral Home July 1931
First M.E. Church August 1931


Miscellaneous Out of Town Buildings

Alleghany County Court House, Covington, Va. May 1910
Fredricksburg, Va. Apartments January 1936
Bank & Business Building, Altoona, Pa. (no date available)
Bank & Store Building, York, S.C. February 1917
Bank Edenton, N.C. (no date available)
Chowan County Courthouse, Edenton, N.C. (no date available)
Crewe M.E. Church, Crewe, Va. May 1922
Denbigh Baptist Church August 1930
Emmanuel P.E. Church Parish House, Henrico County Va. July 1909
Edenton Bank, N.C. July 1911
First Presbyterian Church, Olean, N.Y. June 1912
First Baptist Church, Staunton, Va. November 1928
First Presbyterian Church, York, S.C. May 1916
Grace M.E. Church, Cambridge, Md. February 1924
Hotel at Spartanburg, S.C. July 1915
Hotel at Sumpter, S.C. Maych 1912
Hotel at Durham, N.C. June 1912
Hotel at Petersburg, Va. May 1915
Litch Ford Monument, Roanoke Cemetary September 1924
Lebanon Church December 1926
Luray M.E. Church August 1915
New Kent Courthouse April 1909
Old Grace Church, Yorktown, Va. June 1926
Orange County Courthouse April 1909
St. Andrews Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. (no date available)
St. Lukes Church, Powhatan, Va. (no date available)
Chas. H. Taylor Library, Hampton, Va. June 1924


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